Dunstan and Theodore

A Tale of Two Friends

Soft cover, 28 pages

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ISBN: 978-0-9944049-1-6

Dunstan and Theodore, by Sharon J Yaxley
I wrote Dunstan and Theodore in memory of Ellen Warren for her great -grandchildren. It features Dunstan, the bear she made for me, her toy dog Theodore who spent many years on the back console of Ellen’s car and her Cessna aeroplane which she flew to destinations all over Tasmania. I wanted it to be a memory of wonderful times in Tasmania.

Sample Pages

Dunstan and Theodore took a ride in the car.  Western Junction was close, the drive was not far.  Dunstan was going to pilot his plane, take it up to the clouds and back again.The engine roared.  The propeller spun round.  Dunstan sped up, the wheels left the ground!  Up, up, up he flew into the sky.  Banking right, the Western Tiers he could spy.