About the Author

Photograph of Sharon J Yaxley.

Sharon Booth is a creative Visual Merchandiser who also enjoys art, writing, photography and working with children as a teacher’s assistant.

She has combined her skills to create a series of picture books depicting popular places and scenes in Tasmania. She publishes as Sharon J Yaxley.

She has been inspired to begin her new found passion for writing and illustrating by her 40 year friendship with the late Ellen Warren who, among her many talents, was a pilot and a maker of bears. The first story is written in memory of Ellen for her great-grandchildren.

Sharon's love of Tasmania is enhanced by overseas travel and appreciation of the beauty that abounds here. She lives in Launceston with her family.

For other books by Sharon, visit www.SharonJYaxley.com.

About the Books

Sharon is writing a series of children’s picture books depicting locations and scenes in Tasmania. The stories are written from the heart, memories of childhood and sharing adventures with her family.

Many books will feature Dunstan and Theodore, who are real characters that have a story to tell. Others books will be locations and Tasmanian scenes that capture a moment of happiness and will be shared with love.

The rhymes flow freely and are often waiting to be penned in the early morning, conjured as a bedtime story and subconsciously engraved.

The medium used for the illustrations is pastel.

Sharon also enjoys photography and intends to explore Tasmania through the lens and create illustrations with mixed media.

Sharon hopes you enjoy reading the tales to your children and that children will learn to read in the rhyme and rhythm of the text.

About Dunstan

Photograph of plush teddy bear with cream fur and orange eyes.

I am one of many bears handmade with love by Ellen Warren. I was made for Sharon. Ellen’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and Sharon’s children also have a bear. I lost count after about 160 bears.

Some bears stayed in Australia and some are living overseas. We are all the same bear and all different. We were given names and a ribbon.

We all sat proudly on the piano in the lounge room until we were given a loving home. A sense of adventure came with us and the art of storytelling.

Enjoy the adventures…

About Theodore

Photograph of plush dog with black fur and white face and paws.

I spent many years sitting in the back window of Ellen’s car. I had so many adventures in Tasmania with many of Ellen’s lovely friends. We often went to the airport to go flying and had day trips and overnight trips all over Tasmania. I then sat in the lounge room and heard many stories and read books.

The grandchildren loved me.

I met many bears over the years and Sharon came to visit often.

Enjoy the adventures…