Dunstan and Theodore Set Sail

Dunstan and Theodore built some boats...

Soft cover, 28 pages

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ISBN: 978-0-6481063-8-8

Dunstan and Theodore Set Sail, by Sharon J Yaxley

We always had boats. All the boats in Set Sail are the boats I grew up on, learning to sail, fish, row… Holidays to Port Sorell, Flinders Island, Hobart and in between. Racing at Wynyard with Sirius, Deviot with Blue Peter, TYC and PDYC with Carina and Dunedoo and racing on Credence at RFBYC in Perth WA. Wonderful memories. Wonderful crew.

  • Sirius-GP 14
  • Blue Peter-Enterprise
  • Sea Fever-Witt Bilge Keeler
  • Carina-Careel 22
  • Dunedoo-Clansman
  • Credence-SS 34

Dedicated to my father, Jim, for a lifetime of wonderful sailing experiences in Tasmania and beyond.


Sample Pages

Dunstan and Theodore built some boats, which are great. They are going to sail them around Bass Strait.With the wind in their sails and the sun on their back, Dunstan and Theodore get ready to tack.Waterhouse Island looms up ahead, it is safe to anchor so they might go to bed, to the lap of the waves and the smell of the sea - what an adventure, they both agree.